Worth Noting...

Nonprofit Boards

Board members are the life-blood of nonprofit organizations. They hire and supervise the organization’s leader, raise money, establish policies, and oversee the financial health of the organizations they serve. Governance training will shore up their knowledge and unify their work.

Small and Medium Sized Organizations

Unify the work of your board, staff, and volunteers with coaching. By working with your group over time, we'll build their ability to work collaboratively and thoughtfully. The group will create a set of team norms, establish a processes to resolve conflict, and rely on each other to work more effectively as a team.

For Groups

A study from the International Coach Federation (ICF) finds coaching works by generating learning and clarity to support forward action. In fact, 86% of companies that invest in coaching for their staff say they made at least their investment back in improved performance, better management, improved time management, and improved performance.

Identify Goals

Remove Barriers

Improve Performance

Improve Effectiveness

One-on-One Coaching

Collaborative, pragmatic, solutions-focused, and transformational coaching gives you a partner in your personal or professional development. Let's work together to discover what's next for you!

Executive Coaching

Whether you’re new to a leadership role or have years of experience, coaching is a tool that can help you hone critical leadership skills. Your goals and the needs of your organization create the foundation of a 12-session plan for professional development tailored to you and your organization.

For Individuals